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USB Rechargeable Portable Juicer

USB Rechargeable Portable Juicer

USB Rechargeable Portable Juicer

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Make your own fresh healthy juice!

Instantly make detox drink, energy boost, baby food, milk shake from portable juicer!

  • Compact and lightweight cordless juicer
  • Easy To Use, Easy to Carry, Simple To Clean
  • Wide mouth, no need to cut fruit and vegetables in small pieces
  • Double action blade, cuts horizontally and vertically
  • High-powered motor and food grade non-toxic body

USB Rechargeable Portable Juicer

Portable, can be used as both juice blender and water cup. Can mix all fruits and vegetables together. Healthy and environmental friendly, which uses food grade non-toxic material that can be used safely. It uses safe switch that can ensure the safety. Fast stirring speed that can make a cup of juice within one minute.

Safe and Easy To Use

Only need one press to turn on. Each blending continues for 20 seconds and stop automatically. Shake the bottle to make it blend well.

Portable, Mini & Convenient

Lightweight, one piece, cordless blender that serves as a drink container. You don't have to drag out those big machines & your kitchen will be cleaner.

Simple To Clean

It can put the body of the juicer cup and bottom of the cup separating to clean, the material is safety, healthy and environmentally-friendly and it can be cleaned under the tap directly, but not allowed to wash in the sink. It's better to wipe bottom with a towel.

Updated Blades And Motor

6 pcs blades and strong motor system make it a powerful functions, you can make juice, baby supplementary food, milk shake even amazing smoothie.

Build In Rechargeable Battery

With 4000mAh battery, blend up to 20 times on a full charge. You can charge this mini travel blender by a USB cable, so you can take it anywhere you want and enjoy healthy juice at any moment.

on the go

make your fresh juice

on the move

directly peel fresh fruit and immediately make and drink healthy fruit juice

at the workout

boost your energy level with instant fresh health drink

during the meeting

promptly sip-in fresh juice rather than unhealthy drinks

on time baby food

in a flash make fresh and delicious homemade baby food

anywhere & everywhere

right away fresh juices and healthy drinks

1-minute to freshness

24-hours all around instant fresh nutritional juice in just 60 seconds

Truly lightweight, portable and convenient to carry!

Allowing you to make fresh fruits juice and drink from the same bottle.

Make fresh juice anywhere.

1-2-3 your fresh juice is ready!

Step 1

Peel and make fruit into pieces, and put ice and water or milk. Volume should be less than 80% full

Step 2

Rotate the botte upside down, do not let the fruit wrap the blade, and start the button

Step 3

Shake the plastic jar and do not let the fruit hold the blade, juice will blend better

ready for Instant Fresh Juice!

Get Portable USB Rechargeable Fruit Juice Blender

Safety Assurance

Smart sensor shutdown when the cup body and the base from the start, start the switch button, the blade cannot start

Easy to Carry

Lightweight and round shaped fruit juicer easily slips inside your bag like a umbrella

Detachable parts are also dishwasher safe

With meticulous design you can quickly assemble and start using your juicer. It's also easy to take apart, and quick to clean. All detachable parts can be safely cleaned - which makes it even easier to clean up after your every juice session.

Double-action Anti-splash blade

Blade of the juicer cuts horizontally and vertically with no-splashes or mess while you blend.

Blend up to 12 times on a full charge

You can charge this mini travel blender by a USB cable, so you can take it anywhere.

100% all natural fresh juices.

With No Added Flavors. No Preservatives. No Added Sugar.

Technical Specifications

Cup Cover
USB Cable
USB Rechargeable Base
Portable Rope
Bottom Support
Rotary Blade
Volume 380ml.
Motor No-load:  < 22000RPM Load:  <15000RPM
Working  10-12 A
Battery 3.7V
Charging Using mobile phone charger or power bank
Charging time About 3hrs 
Single Charge 90 hrs
IDLE protection Turn off in 5s
Full Charged 10-12 time use

Real People. Real Reviews.

Woww!! such a amazing product. Now making milk shakes is easy with easy to use and carry juicer. I am so happy that I bought this product. Now, I don't have to worry about my kids health all thanks to this portable juicer.
Anita S. - Housewife
For bachelors like me, this is simply an amazing blender. I always go to office without having breakfast, but now, I am able to prepare fruit juice and milkshakes in no time. I am glad that I won't be skipping my breakfast anymore.
Manish - Marketing Executive
Awesome!! I loved this product. My husband keeps travelling and this was a perfect product as he keep missing his lunch and dinner, with this product atleast he can make juices and drink it anytime. Loved it!!
Anie - Fitness Trainer

One easy to use product.

Many Multiple Uses!


replacement for soymilk maker


replacement for milkshake maker

baby food

replacement for babycook

fruits and vegetables

replacement for juicer


replacement for food processor

ice cream

replacement for ice-cream maker

facial mask

replacement for face mask maker

fruit jam

replacement for jam maker

Rechargeable Portable Juicer is the #1 choice by Top Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Dietitian and Medical Practitioners worldwide.

Try this product and you will love it, because hundreds of people already use them and recommend about the results.

Complete Risk-Free Purchase
With easy 48Hrs return policy gives time to make sure to have a good product.

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