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The Smart Fitness Bracelet to Set Higher Fitness Goals.

Wide OLED screen shows Number of Steps taken, Calories burnt, Distance walked, Alerts, Reminders and Time and Date. Water resistant. Advanced tracking algorithm.


The Smart Fitness Bracelet to Set Higher Fitness Goals.

Wide OLED screen shows Number of Steps taken, Calories burnt, Distance walked, Alerts, Reminders and Time and Date. Water resistant. Advanced tracking algorithm.


Single click button to switch the function.


Display the current time


Record every steps taken


Mileage of sports


Calories of sports

Heart rate

Check heart rate


Displays the current power


Remind Alarm


Remind call


Remind you when you receive message


Remind you when you don’t move one hour


At night, record your quality of sleep. Check the quality of sleep in APP

Limited period offer.

Splash-proof, super-slim wristbands are designed with comfort in mind.

Technical Details

Screen 0.42-inch OLED with touchpad
Colour Black
Total Length 235 mm
Adjustable length 155-210mm
Width 19mm watchband
Bluetooth BT4.0 compatible (Android and IOS)
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer
Standby Time 240 hours
Material Plastic ABS TPU Elastomer
Waterproof IP 67
Input Voltage 5 V
Net Weight 6.9g

With M2FITBAND SET - MEASURE - TRACK & ANALYSE Health Goals like Getting into Shape, Increasing Stamina, Joint Care, Be active, Tracking Quality of Sleep, or just simply follow the "10,000 steps daily" rule to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

Get the full experience in the M2FITBAND App.

Install Droihealth to your smartphone, sign up and pair M2FitBand with the app from bluetooth and experience smart features.

Droihealth is a application of its respective company and is solely responsible for all its working.

M2FITBAND  the most iconic tracker with good health benefits!

Monitor Sleep

Knowing how well you sleep can help you make better health choices. M2FITBAND monitor how long and how well you sleep and wake with a silent alarm, sleep time and sleep quality.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The M2FITBAND Fitness Tracker contains a state of the art heart rate monitoring system. Enter the heart rate monitoring mode all the time or whenever you want to measure it.

Steps Pedometer

Record the number of steps walked along with the number of calories burned, distance covered, walking time and speed per hour. Help achieve daily sport plan.

Calories Burned

M2FITBAND add data about heart rate alongside how many steps taken with next-generation algorithms to calculate to give the actual of calories burned i.e. energy expenditure so far that day.

Sedentary Clock

Fight the dangers of a sedentary existence. Set the time and the watch will alert, 10 minutes before the next hour, get up from the desk and move around. Taking short breaks in order to avoid fatigue.

All Day Activity Tracking

Continuously tracks activities like steps, distance covered, calories burned and active minutes and displays stats to help stay motivated and to move further. Simply lift the wrist to view the details.

M2FITBAND smart sport wristband comes with a state of art Heart-rate Tracker, armed with functions like sleep monitor, calorie count, pedometer, IPX4 Waterproof Rating etc.

Detachable Dial

Easy to remove and fit the dial from inside. Wear it everyday to stay connected in a stylish and intuitive way.

Splash Proof

Never worry about making a splash, rinse hands or shower with M2FITBAND. Resistant against water splashes, sweat and dust.

IPX4 water resistance standard and not waterproof

Notification Center

Calls and text notifications all in one place. Receive call, text, and calendar notifications on display, so never miss the messages that matter.

Feather Touch

Track your Activity Status in real time with single tap.

Long Battery Life

Strong battery backup that lasts up to 5 days with no need to stop and recharge.

Move more, Smile more.
Better life, Better Lifestyle!

Get high quality rechargeable polymer lithium battery for the Bluetooth smart bracelet and its standby time is more than 240 hours.

Real People. Real Result.

Few good words from our satisfied customers.

I’ve been using this watch for a past few days, “just walking, sleeping and exercising around,”. The best thing is, it’s a nice watch, great for tracking and monitoring health, but with a loads of features. It might be right for you also.

Sarina D'souza

I LOVE this activity smart tracker. It hasn't been subjected to little bit of swimming also and to terrestrial activities in particular walking and trekking and the results are great.

Hemant Mishra

Excellent combination of a technology, watch, a tracker and a very long battery life! Very nice and easy to use and setup. It has everything it mentioned in website and working just fine with the same good and long battery life and the good features and it has perfect fitting on wrist!

Gayan R.

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