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Body Massager

Body Massager

Body Massager

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Transform yourself!

without crushing diet, expensive workouts and mouthful of medicines.

Introducing revolutionary DealHatke’s

Full Body Slimmer Roller Massager

It breaks down all the fat tissues accumulated over the years, without using any harmful chemical and expensive medicines.

How does Electric Full Body Slimmer Roller Massager work?

In just 3-easy-steps, Electric Full Body Slimmer Roller Massager breaks down the most stubborn fats which get stored in your body.

With leather strap hold the Body Slimming Machine with soft silicon teeth shape rollers. It helps mobilise fat tissues with its 78 raised modules ball bearing massager.

Gently rotate the Body Slimming Machine on the affected areas at good frequency. This vibration provides deep penetrating massage deep into your skin.

This gentle movement breaks down the fat tissues that get accumulated. Drink plenty of water or healthy juice to flush out the broken toxins from your body.


It also has Ball Bearing Massager!

Five inlay steel ball bearings, gives the actual realization of 360 degree rotation of effective health care for a complete body massage.
  • Just fit this attachment and roll over your entire body
  • Restore your skin’s firmness and smoothness
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Soft and comfortable handle design
  • Can massage the body acupoints
  • It can massage each part of your body and improve the blood circulation
  • Suitable for body massage, such as shoulder, neck, arm, leg, thighs, buttocks etc.
  • It also helps to improve your metabolism

Do you hate the extra fats that makes you look out of shape?

Well then, we have a perfect product for you.

Electric Full Body Slimmer Roller Massager is the perfect gadget for you that will help you eliminate extra cellulite from various parts of the body, instantly, without much effort.

Body Slimmer Machine is effective on areas such as thighs, buttocks, upper arms and other areas of the body.

Healthy and Durable Features

Strong while soft enough silicon teeth shaped rollers, deeply grasp your muscle and rotate at very high frequency to break fat tissues underneath.
Removes subcutaneous fat, thin arms, massage buttocks, can burn fat, firm skin, lift buttocks, make your buttocks tight and warped.
Improve blood circulation, face-lift, eliminate abdominal dewlap, burn fat, ease muscle-aches and get a thin waist.
Designed to help cellulite reduction and give you a relaxing massaging. You can do it anytime at home, or office without additional cost, need just a power socket.
Adjust rotation as per usage, low, medium and high-speed controls.
2 simple attachments. one to crush and break fat, and the other is the ball bearing massager.
Durable design and high-quality materials provide reliable quality, over 200 hours of testing done to protect and build a good brand image.
Compact, Light-weight and Long-lasting. It is a hand-held device which has a very powerful motorized roller.
It’s high-quality material along with a very durable design provides reliable quality.
Small-in-size and Light weight helps us to carry it anywhere, anytime.
Helps in weight loss. Tighten your abdomen and trim your waist. Helps to reduce cellulite.
Soothes backache & helps In De-Stressing. Stimulates Blood Circulation. Effective on legs, arms, thighs, hips, buttocks.
Restore your skin firmness and smoothness.


Plug-in DealHatke's Electric Full Body Slimmer Roller Massager in a 240V electrical socket.

Perform massage with Electric Full Body Slimmer Roller Massager TOOL routine for 30 minutes a day, with the duration of approximately 3 minutes on each body part you want to clear of fat deposits and cellulite.

Gently massage on the back, shoulders, arms, abdomen, hips, waist, thighs, quadriceps and calves.


Application Methods!

You'll be happy to see how simple and easy it is to use Electric Full Body Slimmer Roller Massager.
Use it at home or in office, while watching your favorite TV serial, reading books, or in even while talking on mobile.

Technical Specifications

Material:ABS Plastic body
Apply areas:Full body
Power:4.5 W
Input:DC12V 1A & AC 110 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight:220 g
Size:L13 x W10 x H9 cm
Rotating speed:400rpm/min
Rated power:5W

EACH Package Content:

A1 Electric Mini Handheld Full Body Slimmer-Roller Massager
B1 Ball Massage Accessory
C1 Power Adapter
D1 User Manual
E1 Swivel Wheel


Keep the unit and it’s packaging materials away from children, and the power supply and the cable away from water, dampness or other liquids. Do not use it in bath, sauna, etc. not more than 30 mins overall/One body part 3 mins only. Avoid using on heart, head (face), navel.

Now get a rejuvenating massage from the comforts of your home with fat burning body massager which is designed to offer you the same hand massage effect which you get in a spa.

This unique fat burning body massager is beneficial in every aspect right from improving your metabolism & blood circulation and dissolving all the unnecessary subcutaneous fat layers and cellulite from your body.

Few good words from our customers.

I brought this for my wife, and the product is very good. Quite effective for weight loss and also a good massager for joint pain and body pain. Over all a very good product.

Anand M. - Kanpur

Nice product...good good massage and stress buster after office!!!!

Shaan - Mumbai

Couldn’t even imagine a single product can do so many things. Using it and already got inside my college jeans and jacket.

Sangeeta Goel - Jaipur

Effective on all

Reduces wrinkles, and restore your skin firmness and smoothness.
It is suitable for office going people who want to streamline the body but doesn’t have time to go to the gym and do workouts.
Most suitable for women after childbirth who desperately wants to streamline her body without going to the gym or crashing diet programs.
With help of massage gel, oil or lotion provide deep penetrating massage into your skin.
Tightens & Tones Muscles of legs, arms, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Promotes firm & smooth skin.

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