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Back Straight

Back Straight

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Get Rid of Back Problems & Improve your Body Posture Naturally!

Comfortable, Adjustable & Eliminate Neck or Back Stress Pain

  • Rated#1 Device for Improving Body Posture
  • Instant Back Pain Reliever
  • Easy to Wear in less then 5-seconds
  • Requires no electricity / batteries
  • Needs Zero Maintenance

Get Rid of Back Problems & Improve your Body Posture Naturally!

Comfortable, Adjustable & Eliminate Neck or Back Stress Pain

  • Rated#1 Device for Improving Body Posture
  • Instant Back Pain Reliever
  • Easy to Wear in less then 5-seconds
  • Requires no electricity / batteries
  • Needs Zero Maintenance

Natural and Safe

Needs No Battery. No Mobile App. Tried & Tested Technology in professional exclusive clinics around the world.

Fast Delivery

Utilizing cutting edge technology to provide easy & quick order delivery with electronic confirmation.

COD & easy return

Cash-On-Delivery and you can easily return and get refunded after purchasing. You have no risk to try.

Most people only begin to realize the importance of posture after their body gravely damaged from slumping that sitting aches become their daily chronic discomfort. Long and incorrect sitting leads to discomfort in back and neck, slouch, humpback and other spinal problems!

BACKstraight posture corrector eases discomfort in back and neck and make sitting comfortable and in-correct position!


Make every sitting ergonomic

BACKstraight is made from high quality material that will last for years, and yet costs less than a doctor’s visit, massage or chiropractic adjustment.

BACKstraight posture corrector allows effortlessly sit in perfect posture, easing back discomfort and prevent it. Lightweight and portable, it makes every chair ergonomic.

Wearing it for just 15-minutes a day can retrain body’s default posture, so when one stand or sit with BACKstraight posture corrector, overall posture is greatly improved.

  • Absolutely Zero Maintenance
  • 100% Tech-Free
  • Requires no electricity / batteries
  • Beautiful and durable materials found in fashion
  • Perforated mesh back support so the back of body can breathe comfortably
  • Rounded and padded knees for widely increased knee comfort
  • Lightweight and compact, so it fits easily in purse / bag / backpack
  • Superior strap management and one size fits all


Feel honest to goodness support and relief.


Take it anywhere, fits inside purse or backpack.


Have perfect seated posture in 5 seconds flat.

Water Resistant Outer Cover

All Comfortable Corners

Easy and Smooth Zipper

Reliable Memory Foam

Slip Resistant Knee Pads

Premium Quality Product

Good sitting posture boosts mood, confidence, motivation and overall health.

BACKstraight, get effortlessly perfect posture.

Next generation back support – The cornerstone to good posture is the pelvis. Traditional back supports only focus on lower lumbar spine. BACKstraight not only stabilizes pelvis, restoring spine's natural curvature, but also provides lumbar support.

Get fast results and long-lasting comfort. Put BACKstraight on in 5-seconds flat! and sit in perfect posture for minutes or hours. BACKstraight can be adjusted to perfectly fit anyone from a teenager to adult.

Just take few seconds to re-posture right now. Now if sitting, chances are that back isn’t touching back of chair. That’s because most chairs aren’t designed ergonomically.
BACKstraight makes every sitting ergonomic. Now sit effortlessly in perfect posture everywhere at desk / on a plane / at a game.

BACKstraight makes every sitting ergonomic – Instead of spending hundreds of rupee on one single chair, now make every chair ergonomic.

Lightweight and portable with BACKstraight in purse or backpack.

How to Wear BACKstraight

In 5-seconds!

1. Unpack

BACKstraight zips itself into a portable case. Put it in your bag and unpack it when ready to sit.

2. Wrap

Place both feet flat on the floor (it's ergonomic!). Wrap the back pad around body and hook the knee pads over knees.

3. Stack

Lean chest forward and grab the adjustable leg straps. Then, sit-up straight and pull on the straps to tighten and vertically stack around spine into perfect posture.

4. Clip (Optional)

Slide the left strap into the center clip to keeping legs together. Pull the center clip towards the body until feel awesome.
There’s no universal “right” or “wrong” way to wear BACKstraight. It's all about finding the perfect fit!
Try wearing the back pad higher up on back until finding just the perfect spot.
May need to literally sit on the edge of seat to place both feet flat on the floor.
Wear BACKstraight cross-legged too!, but it is not safe to wear BACKstraight while driving.

Why Spend thousands of rupee for buying one ergonomic chair or pay doctors fee and yet the results are ineffective and temporary.

BACKstraight, get effortlessly perfect posture.

Back discomfort: Causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Worldwide back discomfort is a very common complaint. According to Clinical study, approximately 80% of all Indians may have back discomfort at least once in their lives.

The main symptom of back discomfort is, an ache or discomfort anywhere on the back, and sometimes all the way down to the buttocks and legs.

  • Sit-Smart. Choose a seat with good lower back support, armrests and a swivel base. Keep knees and hips at level. Change position frequently, at least every half-hour.

    83% of reviews gave BACKstraight 5 stars.

  • Stand-Smart. If one must stand for long time then place one foot on a low footstool to take some of the load off lower back. Good posture can reduce good amount of stress on back muscles.

Sitting perfectly for 15-minutes can improve overall health, standing taller, feeling more confident and looking slimmer.

BACKstraight, get effortlessly perfect posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately NO. BACKstraight is not safe to wear driving, or when quick leg mobility is needed. It is great for sitting at desk, eating, meeting, going to a movie, sitting on an airplane, meditating, etc.
Note: can wear BACKstraight cross-legged!
Sit in perfect posture for minutes or hours but even 15 minutes a day could greatly improve the quality of life. We've spend lot of time researching and designing the knee cushions so that the force was widely distributed and comfortable for people who have knee problems and back problems.
It's hard to believe that most people don't even notice what you're wearing. Sit through meals, meetings and people notice it only when taking it off. People would inquire about this amazing product and its result on health and may also shares their story of back discomfort.

It’s happiness in a bag.

BACKstraight requires no mobile apps or no smartphones at all. It’s a low-tech – made of padded straps that go around lower back and knees.

15-minutes a day to get used to the feeling of good posture and gain more awareness of sitting posture. Eventually, use for an hour a day at work, on airplanes, or even while meditating. BACKstraight will apparently begin to change good posture, so sit and stand better when not wearing it. BACKstraight packs into a portable bag and can bring it out to a working space, restaurant, or wherever one happen to be going to sit.

In the end, one can wear BACKstraight as often as one like, particularly when sitting in any non-ergonomic condition.

Real People. Real Result.

Few good words from Satisfied customers.

From NOW Stop living with unbearable Chronic Back and Neck discomfort. Ease back discomfort non-surgically.

Get own back BACKstraight.

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