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Magic Broom

Magic Broom

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From today give up the conventional brooms and bring home the new-age Smart Floor Sweeper!

Introducing in India.

The Revolutionary Triple Brush Cyclonic Technology Broom.

needs No-Electricity No-Battery.

Works 3-times faster than any regular broom.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has put the broom in limelight.

Introducing in India.

The Revolutionary Triple Brush Cyclonic Technology Broom.

needs No-Electricity No-Battery.

Works 3-times faster than any regular broom.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has put the broom in limelight.

Three spinning brushes for maximum cleaning.

The manually power generated by Spin Broom technically create cyclonic action to clean the floor.

As pushed forward Spin Broom along, two horizontal corner brushes are set spinning to grab dust, dirt and even larger items from hard floors.

Designed like a road sweeper, Spin Broom two horizontal brushes that extend out to reach right up to skirting boards, as they spin they grab everything in their reach and drag it into the centre. Nothing escapes their spinning bristles and the central roller then throws all those dirt particles backwards into the collection box at the rear. The debris is then collected by a central spinning roller that sends it all into the garbage collection box. Everything is grabbed, collected and boxed as push it along.

To empty the collection box, just press the button on the back, and all that mess falls straight out and into bin.

Now sweep to clean home or office without bending knees or back.

Get Spin Broom and clean the floor to sparkling shine.

  • Household dust contains a wide range of toxic chemicals - and young children, Pregnant woman and dust allergic are at a higher risk for exposure to 10 harmful chemicals were found in 90 per cent of dust.
  • Certain toxic chemicals, such as lead, pesticides are closure to human nose and mouth as one cleans the floor
  • Unbearable Back Problems
  • Dust allergic particles floating in atmosphere
  • Chemical inhalation from nose, mouth and skin
  • Severe Knee Problems
  • Pregnant women unable bend and clean her surrounding
  • Completely bend and fold the knees to clean the floor with dustpan
  • Bending knees and sitting for long time to clean
  • Slow process and takes time to clean completely
  • Need hard pressure to sweep to clean
  • Clean the broken broom straws and husks coming out from daily cleaning
  • Choosing the correct stroke of clean
  • Harmful to Environment
  • Get shorter and breaks apart
  • Need to be discarded after 2-3 months of use
  • Every-time buy new one
  • Sticky dirt sticks to broom making it useless
  • Gets wet and stink badly

Throw away the backbreaking broom and dustpan!

Get lightweight, easy to clean Spin Broom and walk to clean the floor to sparkling shine.

Dealhatke Spin Broom

Spin Broom is a cordless sweeper that clean home with ease. Utilizing cyclonic triple brush technology, Spin Broom eats up garbage. Its rotating bristles clean like a street sweeper. Pick up dirt, cereal, chips, pet hair, and more! This floor sweeper does not use cords, batteries, or bags. A large capacity one-touch bin collects dirt and debris.

When ready to empty it the collection box, just press the button and never have to touch the mess. Spin Broom works great on hard surfaces like wood, tile, laminate, and more. It even picks up debris in grout lines. This cordless sweeper weighs only 1.5 pounds, making it super light. Stop cleaning the hard way. Let Spin Broom clean the mess.

Move Spin Broom across the hard surface in a forward motion with a slight downward force. Spin Broom will pick up debris using a back and forth motion.

  • Works great on most floor types like tile, wood, ceramic, laminate and more
  • No batteries, no cords, no bags needed
  • Large capacity one-touch bin empties in seconds
  • Triple Brush Technology rotate bristles like a street sweeper
  • Picks up dirt, cereal, chips, pet hair, and more
  • Gets deeps into grout lines
  • Cleans wet and dry messes
  • Lightweight – weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Includes Spin Broom and brush cleaning tool

10 Advantage of Spin Broom

01 Can be used for both dry and wet broom.
They can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. Use the same microfiber broom for the both process as their plastic microfiber doesn’t get wet and sticky, sticking any particles on its bristles.
02 Eco-friendly reusable and easy to clean bristles
Microfiber broom pads are super eco-friendly because they can be reused multiple times. There’s no need to throw them away like regular broom wipes. Instead, once microfiber pad gets really dirty all its need is a washing cycle and it will be good as new.
03 Great at picking up wet materials, hair and dust
Microfibers attract dust like a powerful magnet which makes them the perfect instrument for collecting dog hair and dust by the dozen. No need to go over one area multiple times as it needs with regular broom.
04 Effective for all floors with best and shining clean
Microfiber brooms far safer choice than soggy string brooms that absorb a lot of water and other liquid dirt.
05 Swivel head for easy and amazing maneuverability
The swivel head makes it easy to turn corners and weave around objects effortlessly. It’s also easy to get under tables and chairs.
06 Wider head broom covers larger areas
Microfiber brooms have fantastic wide broom heads. Combine the width of the broom head with the swivel feature and can cover more floor space and spend less time on cleaning.
07 Lightweight with less back and knee work
Microfiber brooms are feather light and cut through junk with hardly any pushing down or scrubbing needed. Won’t feel tired after brooming with a spin broom because there’s really no need to push hard and bend to clean.
08 Eco-friendly and safe to use around pets and children
The dust particles doesn’t rises-up from the floor surface as they are collect then and there itself, keeping environment, children and pets safe.
09 Almost no streaks or dirt would be left behind
Unlike a string broom or sponge broom, microfiber brooms don’t leave behind horrible streaks of dirt. They collect everything that gets in their path meaning, don’t have to go over the same area multiple times to get it clean.
10 Great value for money, with good for health
When it comes to saving money spin broom is the best value for money. No need to keep replacing brooms because the microfiber broom are reusable, no need to spend money on brooms.

now Clean Any Mess with Ease

Traditional broom are less expensive, but remember need to buy them every two-month.

Get long-lasting cyclonic spin broom for easy clean.

Product specifications

Overall height: 44-inches.
Pole length: 41-inches.
Blue handle grip: 6.5-inches.
Base: 12.5-inches X 7.38-inches X 2.13-inches.
Round blue brushes: 5-inches diameter.
Cylinder brush: 5-inches X 2.25-inches.
Trash receptacle: 3.25-inches X 4.75-inches X 2-inches.
Lightweight – weighs 1.5 pounds.

Looking for something that’s lightweight, doesn’t have to be charged, & can pick up relatively small items.

If so, get cyclonic spin broom for quick & easy clean.

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