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Solar Light Buy One Get One Free

Solar Power 20 LED Solar Light Buy One Get One Free

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Generate own free solar power led light. No Bulb. No Battery. No Wire. No Bills. Long-Lasting.

Meet the Next Generation LED Lighting Lamp.

  • Solar Powered, never-ever need to be charged
  • Motion Sensor, easily sensing everything moving around
  • Weatherproof, tough and stands all weather
  • Easy to install, on all surface

Buy one get one free

Meet the Next Generation LED Lighting Lamp.

  • Solar Powered, never-ever need to be charged
  • Motion Sensor, easily sensing everything moving around
  • Weatherproof, tough and stands all weather
  • Easy to install, on all surface

Buy one get one free

LED Lighting Lamp - Solar Powered LED Light

Long-lasting. No switch on-off. Easy to install. Use it anywhere, anytime, any surface.

Advanced technology for rescue.
Get the easiest, fastest and most effective way to remove darkness.

Super Bright 1W SMD LED light with 0.75W solar panel - LED Design offers super bright lighting for a wide area and strong illumination with much brightness then normal bulb.

  • Weatherproof: Best suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Rubber Button: Ensures high protection against rainfall.
  • Powerful PIR Motion Sensor: The light will turn on at night automatically when human motion is detected and turn off 30 seconds after no motion is detected by its sensing range.
  • Easy Installation: Easy and hassle-free setup, place this LED light source without any added expense and trouble of installing electrical-wire, electrical-switch or electrical-board. Can be install on any place that has direct sunlight.
  • No Wire Needed: With LED Solar powered light there is no electricity required. Simply mount on the wall or fence.
  • Long Working Time: Absorb sunlight for a few hours in daytime and it can light throughout the night. The light lasts for up to 12 hours on full charged.
  • 3 Lighting Modes: Lighting mode option, just choose any of them needed; Sensor mode; Dim light sensor mode. Ideal height for installation is 6'5-7'5 ft
  • High Efficient & Energy Saving: As it gets charged by Free and natural sun light and works automatically at night.
    It Save Power and Save the Earth.

Free Self-Charged

From easily and freely available bright Sun light

No Bills

Self-Powered, auto switch on-off with no maintenance

Motion Sensor

Quickly switches-on by its strong motion sensors

Saves everything

Save Power. Save Environment. Save Earth.

Now come out of darkness

Get LED Lighting Lamp that gives free and long-lasting light!

Buy One & Get One Free!

Working of LED Lighting Lamp.

Step-l: Sunlight charging in daylight. Please install the device with its face turned south. Ensure that rays of sunlight are not being blocked by any glass filtered surface. The device should charge fully time of 8 hours under bright sunlight.
Step-2: It will automatically light during dimmed light in the dark.
Step-3: When people walk around 3-5m it will auto on starting lighting mode in dark or in the evening.
Step-4: After 30 seconds, it turns on Dim light when no one over there. No light isn't of dim—light mode.

Simple and easy, installation steps.

The Future is bright, NOW!

Get LED Lighting Lamp, turn-on energy saving path.

Buy One & Get One Free!

One Product, many usages.

Bring Saving in Life!

Get LED Lighting Lamp, start saving on power bills.

Buy One & Get One Free!



Solar Panel 5.5v 0.6w 17% Efficiency
Li-Ion Battery 3.7v 1000mah
Led Power 1.6w
Lumens 160lm 6500k
Delay Time 10s
Switch Off/Auto
Lighting Mode Off/Dim Light/High Light
Size 105*140*50mm
Light Type Solar Led Motion Sensor Light
Material ABS
Working Mode PIR Motion Sensor
Length of Charge About 8 Hours
Induction Distance 3 - 5m
Induction Angle 90deg - 120deg
Temperature -5degc -60degc

Real People. Real Result.

Few good words from our thousands of customers.

Arnav Saxena

First time using this kind of led technology product for my home use. This led solar light does everything it is supposed to do. It's brighten enough and its motion sensor works really well. Since i am happy and this product works wonderfully well, I would recommend this.

Diya Shah

This Solar light, can be installed anywhere really but there's should be adequate sunlight. And as it says when someone walks in front of it, and activates the motion sensor, then all LED's light up. Recommend this product as there's no need for electrician as I myself installed it.

Ayaan Mittal

Great product. Just with a week I have been using this product. It does what it says with Some plus points: water proof, heat resistant, best for future. So far I am happy with it. Gives good light in my corridor.

Paridhi Khan

Good product save bils. Brightness is good, battery endurance is also good. The sensing on mode is working really fine and the brightness is sufficient for garden area of 30x30 sqft. planning to buy one more. Recommended

Risk-Free Purchase

Easy 48-Hrs return policy gives time to make sure of easy to install, simple to use, good quality and long-lasting product.

Buy One & Get One Free!

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