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Electricity Saving Box

Electricity Saving Box

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Electricity Saving Box.

Save 20% on your monthly electricity bill!

  • Just plug into any socket and start saving power.
  • Fine tunes your home or office electrical systems.
  • Stabilizes the supply of voltage and protects your appliance.
  • Helps you reduce the active power consumption.
  • Needs no wiring. Zero maintenance.
  • One product for every home or small office.

About Electricity Saving Box.

With the combination of latest advanced electric power saving technology of Germany and Taiwan, Electricity Saving box can stabilize the working voltage, balance the current source, so that to save the power consumption and prolong the lifespan of electrical appliances for the end users effectively. It can be used for almost all common appliances such as air conditioning, washing machine, oven, electric fan, TV Sets, pump, audio-video, and fluorescent lamp, etc. Ideal for house, office, firms, shops, restaurants and mini-sized factories.


  1. Applying manostat to stabilize the voltage, save the power consumption and prolong the life-span of the appliances.
  2. Adding installation of the absorber to keep current surge away and protect the appliances.
  3. Electronic controlled capacitances balance current, improve the using power of the appliances roundly and avoid invalid power consumption.
  4. Can be used all day every day continuously under any climate.

Electricity Saving Box how it works

The Electricity Saving Box saves and reduces energy by stabilizing the voltage which in turn results in reductions in peak power demand and less waste of low efficient power. The low efficient power is consequently stored and recycled by the unit.

User Guide:

  • Plug the electricity-saved box into any socket.
  • Indicate light is on after plugging into the socket.
  • Use one or more products according to the quantity of appliances.
  • Simple operation, no need maintenance, no need pay attention.
  • Suitable for: houses, condominiums, apartments, shop lots, restaurants, offices, small factories, etc.

Check yourself

You can also check on how energy saver works in reducing the electricity bills. For conducting the check test you would require an extension lead run from the nearest power socket. To conduct the test just remember to power on any electric device such as electrical kettle or any other appliance that consumes the reasonable amount of power when turned on. Now stand in front of the meter, plug the power saver device into the extension lead and you will see the immediate reduction in the speed of the wheel.
Thus, it helps in reducing the overall electricity bills every month.

Reference for Typical Household Electrical Products Consumption

Without Electricity Saving Box and With Electricity Saving Box

Electrical Appliances Without Electricity Saving Box With Electricity Saving Box
Watt Amp Consumption (RM/8hours) Watt Amp Consumption (RM/8hours)
Fluorescent Light 40 0.17 0.072 16.000 0.004 0.002
Fan 84 0.35 0.144 34.000 0.009 0.004
Television 29" 100 0.42 0.176 67.000 0.014 0.006
Refrigerator 140 0.58 0.248 94.000 0.019 0.008
Washing Machine 330 1.38 0.576 220.000 0.046 0.019
Computer 400 1.67 0.696 268.000 0.056 0.023
Air Conditional (1 Hp) 1000 4.17 1.744 669.000 0.139 0.058
Iron 1000 4.16 1.744 864.000 3.617 1.517
Rice Cooker 1000 4.17 1.744 866.000 3.626 1.517
Vacuum Cleaner 1200 5.00 2.096 1044.000 4.348 1.823
Microwave 1300 5.42 2.264 1131.000 4.713 1.969
Water Heater 2000 8.33 3.488 1740.000 7.243 3.033
Dish Washer 2700 11.3 4.712 2347.826 9.783 4.097
Cloth Dryer 3000 12.5 5.232 2609.000 10.870 4.550
* The above result are tested in a control environment, results may vary according to conditions.

Carry your Electricity Saving Box

Save electricity wherever you go!

Plug it. forget it. Electricity Saving Box

Frequently Asked Questions

It is 100% legal approved by electrical body. Electricity Saving Box is a Device which keeps saving on your Electricity Bills every day. You simply have to plug & play and it starts working. Today whatever Electricity Bill we are paying for we are paying 20 to 30% for the wastage and not for the actual consumption. It stops the wastage thus saves your Electricity Bill and also it saves Electricity for nation.
The device has been tested to above 80,000 hours of continued usage.
Yes, it should be kept on all the time, but it should be switched of when all the other devices are switched off including the Refrigerator at home and at office while closing the office if you are switching off all the devices this should be switched of too.
It should be plugged in close to your Electric meter or close to your refrigerator. You need to install one unit power saver to install it in an apartment or house.
Not it cannot. Its a very simple and a user friendly device which filters your Electricity and does not let wastage happen.
Do not try to hamper or touch the 3 pin plug if the device is just removed from the socket as it may give you current. Always keep away from small children. Secondly do not try opening or tampering this device.
Generally it takes around 1-3 months, however it is different in every case, some will see sooner (1 month), some will see later(3 months).
No. You can install it on your own. Just plug it into any wall socket and it will start serving!

Electrifying Specification

Rated voltage  90V – 250V
Rated frequency  50Hz – 60Hz
Color  Silver grey and black
Material  Plastic body
Product Type  Electricity Saver
Dimensions  6.5 x 11.5 x 7.5 cm
Weight  106 g
Working Temp. 30-75 degree
Function Controls electricity wastage, electrical overheating, surge protection
Connection 2 Pin direct plug-in electronic device

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