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Protect yourself, your family and friends from

Zika Virus, Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Leptospirosis, Rat-bite Fever, Abdominal Pain, Typhoid, Cholera, Plague, Dysentery and many more pest borne diseases.

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What is HUBBA Pest Reject

HUBBA Pest Reject is a technological innovation in pest-control industry. It is designed to keep pest out of your home and offices.

HUBBA Pest Reject uses the state-of-the-art dual advanced technologies, Electromagnetism and Ultrasound Waves.
Electromagnetism technology, is used against Spiders, Ants, Cockroaches, Rats and Other Rodents and Ultrasound technology, is used against Mosquitoes and Flies.

HUBBA Pest Reject has:
- No chemical products,
- No maintenance cost and
- Unlimited duration.

All you have to do is plug HUBBA Pest Reject into an electrical outlet in your home and it'll repel parasites within an action radius of 200m2

HUBBA Pest Reject uses two advanced technologies:

Electromagnetism sends electromagnetic pulses through the wiring in the walls of your home to create a hostile environment that makes pests pack up and go.

The Ultrasound Waves emitted intermittently by the device make life unbearable for pests so they flee the area of action of the ultrasound waves.

Get HUBBA Pest Reject

MRP Rs. 2,499/-

offer price Rs 1,499/-
buy one. get one free

HUBBA Pest Reject is Safer, Cleaner and Healthier.


HUBBA Pest Reject is a product for home use that works 24-hours a day, 365-days a year with NO hazardous chemicals that are toxic or poisonous or that give off noxious odours.

SAFE for children and pets

HUBBA Pest Reject is completely inoffensive for children and pets, and also HUBBA Pest Reject does not interfere with any of your household electronics appliances.

pregnant women

HUBBA Pest Reject is a safe for unborn babies, pregnant and nursing women.

elderly people

HUBBA Pest Reject is a truly safe for old-age and disabled people.

Are pests living and growing in your home, between the walls, in the kitchen, in the bedroom?

Running around your children, pets and food?

Damging appliances and important items?

Get HUBBA Pest Reject

Rs. 2,499/-

offer price
Rs 1,499/-

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Exposure to any pesticides used in regular pest control may result in severe Health and Environment Effects.

  • Pesticides, like surface sprays and termite treatments, linger in the environment for days, weeks or even longer after application.
  • Cause Irritation to eye, nose and throat
  • Health Symptoms may include - headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, blurred vision, excessive eye watering, sweating and excess saliva.
  • Chronic exposure to some pesticides can result in damage to the liver, kidneys, endocrine and nervous systems.
  • Contaminate air, soil or dust that floats in the environment for days
  • Pesticides can enter your body through food or drink, skin contact, pesticide-soaked clothing, inhale pesticide vapours, sprays or dust
  • A bird or pet may be poisoned if it eats a spider / rat killed by insecticide.
  • Risk factors for pesticide poisoning for unborn babies and young children, pregnant and nursing women, elderly people.

Product Specifications

Material: ABS material
Rated power: 5 (W)
Power supply voltage: AC90~220 (V)
Power frequency: (Hz)
Dimensions: 90*56*50 (mm)
Weight: 0.081 (kg)
Frequency: 22-65KHz of repelling ultrasonic
Protectipon: 80-120sqm
Power source: AC 90V-220V 50-60Hz
Power: 5-6V
Plug Standard: US/EU
Color: Ivory White

Product Description

Electronic repellent device is a new type of high-tech electronic products, it uses high-frequency ultrasonic sweep circuit, resulting in the 22 ~ 65KHZ Ultrasonic Sweep, scientific research found that the mosquito, cockroach, rats and other pests in the scope of sound waves of this frequency, their physiological functions and endocrine system will be disordered in order to drive off them, the effects of ultrasound on human and other animals are harmless, because people can not hear the sound waves more than 20KHZ.

Because of its safety, non-toxic, tasteless and highly efficient so widely used.

This product is widely used in family, warehouse, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, rooms, gardens, hotels, grain depot, etc.

The effective range of products: 50-80 square meters, the best results is 60 square meters, and each room to install one.

Are you tired of spending thousands of rupee trying to get rid of Spiders, Ants, Cockroaches, Rats and Other Rodents?

And still finding No Result and Satisfaction?

Get HUBBA Pest Reject

Rs. 2,499/-

offer price
Rs 1,499/-

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Real People. Real Result.

Hear what our dedicated customers have to say about the wonderful benefits of HUBBA Pest Reject and then try it for yourself!

Living in mumbai, mosquitoes is a real threat Now. I used HUBBA Pest Reject in the morning and tackle the day-and-night. worry-free.

- Avani

No one even knows We’re using HUBBA Pest Reject It goes on clear and stays for hours. Plus its odorless. Was pleasantly surprised. We'll never go back to sprays again!

- Chayya and Harshal

We love to camp. But the mosquito attacks at dusk are brutal, HUBBA Pest Reject is our safety net! It works to offer full area coverage. so no more pest and itchy bites.

- Chaitanya

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MRP Rs. 2,499/-

OFFER PRICE Rs. 1,499/-

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