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About DealHatke


At Vbera we provide our customers with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) branding service to help bring their products in the market with a boom. Our well-engineered technical team fulfills all the customer needs using their respective area expertise. The amicable approach of our company and the expert team is built to meet our customer’s revenue goals and product schedules. We do customized branding for our clients and also welcome their ideas and suggetions. We provide innovative solutions to our clients using the high end technology. In a nutshell, Vbera is a one stop branding solution.

Creative Research & Trade

We pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of research methods allowing us to adopt the approach most suited to our clients’ needs. We use qualitative and quantitative techniques for doing proper research in the market for the potential products. We emphasise more on the quality of the products. We make sure the quality is up to the mark and customer satisfying. Once we finalize the product, with our vertically integrated production facilities, professional R&D expertise and well established QC system, we supply our product with the best quality, reliability and great satisfaction to our customers.

Imports & Technology

In todays day to day changing import regulations, it becomes very difficult for the companies to stay on the current import regulations.We are a third-party service provider with an experience of 5 years and an established global network. We are capable of monitoring changes as and when they take place which helps in smooth moving of the shipments. Our expert team is alwways here to handle your import processes meeting all the import administration guidelines. Customs clearance, Duty rates, and entry processes create a huge confusion and also increase the cost. At Vbera, we provide our clients with reliable and consistent import service that help moving shipments through customs efficiently and minimizing delays. We hold the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certificate, published by the Government of India, that aims at providing guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products following all the legal norms.


Every client has their own specific marketing goals and objectives. Therefore, at Vbera we start every new marketing program with defining the customer requirements and goals. We utilize the most effective combination of print media, online media and television media to deliver the best results. Through our fantastic marketing techniques, we communicate the value of products or services to customers. We provide effective internet marketing strategies for search engines, mobile and email to help grow your busines. Our goal is to give our customers the instructions, statistics, and inspiration to improve their results. The cycle time from product creation, to product launch, for a winning go-to-market strategy, leaves no margin for error. The rapid commoditization of complex solutions calls for concise marketing strategy and timely execution. We at Vbera provide all the solutions.